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ISHP 2016 Annual Fall Meeting
September 23rd - 25th, 2016
"The Future of Pharmacy Practice: Provider Status and Collaborative Practice"
About Us
ISHP Board and Officers
President:   Chris Oswald
President Elect:   Lindsay Kaster 
Past President:   Debbie Rothstein 
Secretary/Treasurer:   Dawn Berheim 
Administrative Affairs:   Scott Milner 
Education:  Brandon Griffith
Programs:  Eliza Borzadek
Legal & Public Affairs:  John Sullivan 
Professional Affairs:  Andrea Winterswyk
Website Chair:   Jim Nguyen
Newsletter Editor:   Kent Quickstad
Technician Rep.:  Leann Bolster
ASHP Liaison:   Beverly Black 
North Idaho Rep.:   Steve Crenshaw  
Central Idaho Rep.:   Elizabeth Duncan
ISU Representative:   Rebecca Hoover
ASHP Delegate:  Mike Dickens 
ASHP Delegate:   Elizabeth Duncan 
ISU Student Rep.:  Serena Hand (Pocatello)
ISU Student Rep.:  Monica McLain (Meridian)
Welcome to the Idaho Society of Health-System Pharmacists' CE Accreditation, Event Registration and Learning Software Platform! 
If you have not already created a Learning ExpressCE account, please take the first step by CREATINGS A NEW USER ACCOUNT WITHIN LEARNING EXPRESS before registering for the program or meeting that you plan to attend!  Thank you for your patience with this step!
Please make sure you register for each session you wish to attend and receive credit for during the upcoming program or meeting. Additional information on how to properly obtain your CE credits will be provided at the meeting, but the requirements are also included in the FAQs and within the registration forms.  Please make sure to ensure your information is properly entered in the registration forms as incorrect data may delay receipt of your CE credits.
As you prepare to register for the 2016 Fall Meeting, we would ask that you strongly consider becoming an ISHP member or renewing your membership in the ISHP.  As an ISHP member you gain discounts on registrations fees at all ISHP conferences and CE opportunities. Moreover, your membership helps bring about positive change and a unified voice on issues that are important to you and the industry of pharmacy.  If you are interested in receiving discounts on your registration, please click the link below, and become an ISHP member or renew your membership.  We greatly appreciate your consideration and we look forward to seeing you at upcoming events and conferences!